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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beautifull Megumi Kagurazaka (September 28, 1982)

Her kanji name is 神楽坂 恵. Happily doing her job as Japanese actress and model(i hope she doing blowjob too). Too bad she already married to director Sion Sono before i had to fuck her. She play role at his film too, what a lucky man. For your research(if you know what i mean), she have role at films such as Into the Faraway Sky (2007), Gakko no kaidan (2007) - Noriko Mamiya, Madobeno Honky Tonk (2008), Spy Girl's Mission Cord #005 (2008), Dotei Horoki (2009), Pride (2009) - Morita, Oyasumi Anmonite (2010), The Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis x Evolution (2011) - Naomi, Guilty of Romance (2011) - Izumi Kikuchi, Cold Fish (2011), The Land of Hope (2012) - Izumi (Yoichi's wife), Himizu (2012) - Keiko Tamura, The Incredible Truth (2013). But i recommending this Guilty of Romance, The Land of Hope and Cold Fish.

Her Height is pretty small, around 1,58 m(she can give me blowjob will standing). I dont know about her weight, well i dont care anyway but i know her measure Bust: 105 centimeter, Waist: 58 centimeter and Hips: 87 centimeter. Wohoho she can make me boner all the time.

Megumi Kagurazaka Tits
Her tits is just perfect. I can like her anytime she want it. Its always make me wondering about random thing when i am starring at it. In the night, i always had wet dream about fucking her. Man, that the best thing ever in my life.  I think this is the best pic about her.
Beautifull Megumi Kagurazaka
I like this but i like more her while naked. Dont you agree? Her tits is perfect, so why hiding it? I love starring it anywhere and fap with it.
Megumi Kagurazaka
This one of the best pics about her. Her smile is so warming. I feel hot in my chest while starring at her smile.
Megumi Kagurazaka
I always had dream doing doggy style with her and this pic is perfect.

Megumi Kagurazaka
Who think she 31 now? Absolutely MILF :D

Megumi Kagurazaka
Nice ass isn't? Man what nice doggystyle.